DR - Agência Criativa

Systems of visual identity, promotion and spreading

To construct a mark passes for the definition of multiple elements of an organization, service or product, or tangible or intangible. The system that conjugates all these elements transforms the experience with the mark into a very proper experience, that is intended that it contributes to the construction of a strong mark, consistent and differentiating.

The DR - Creative Agency develops systems that support not only the creation of new marks, as the revitalization or redesign of existing marks already.

The methodology that supports the construction of the marks and respective identities appearances seats in the understanding of the values and positioning of the organizations, its areas of actuação, its involving ones and of objectives.

A notoriedade de uma marca consiste na memorização do nome e nas associações que a identidade visual faz deter na mente do público. Para que seja relevante, atraente e credível, qualquer identidade que se crie deve ir ao encontro das características e valores da marca e corresponder às expectativas do seu público.

The notoriety of one marks consists of the memorization of the name and the associations that the visual identity makes detains in the mind of the public. One makes sure, thus, a global coherence and avoids that the image of mark of an organization, service is confused or product, and the attention of the public for the lack of relation between elements and supports turns aside.

The creation of any visual identity must always have for base coherent, organized and clear-cut a system of applications.

  • Corporative identity: visual and manual identity of norms of its use, applications base - stationary (paper of letter, personal paper of fax, envelopes, cards, document folder, card of messages), fleets, uniform and other backing supports
  • Editorial Design: Annual catalogues, books, magazines, newspapers, reports
  • Design of product: Packages and labels, bags and packages
  • Merchandising: Promotional articles (bags, penxses, markers, t-shirts, caps, blocks, notebooks,…)
  • Identification and personalization of spaces: stands, exhibitions, pendões, screens of great format, roll-ups, pop-ups...
  • Half of diffusion: brochures, booklets, unfoldable, advertising supports for the press, the web (banners) and exterior (Posters, Outdoors, Mupis), presskits, direct-mails
  • Supports of relational communication: newsletters, notes of the press